A key requirement to success in real estate

When investing in stocks, bonds, mutual funds or commodities, an analysis of the fundamentals and technicals along with a solid team can lead to success. This can usually be done with aid of a computer and smartphone.

The above mentioned points are essential to success in real estate but I have found there is one is hardly ever mentioned.  Real estate is far more physically demanding than investing in paper assets or commodities. The need to use one’s body (especially the back), handle stress and have healthy joints are some examples. Keeping physically fit and taking enough vitamins and minerals not only keeps you healthy but helps when you are under pressure closing a deal, multitasking or completing renovations.

Before you start your next real estate endeavour, ensure your body can keep pace with your own investment expectations. See a chiropractor, get a physical check up or go see a dietician. You will thank yourself for it!