An up and coming megatrend

When I was completing my undergraduate degree in physics, I made no secret that I was a theoretical and not experimentally motivated student to solving problems. Back then, Star Trek the Next Generation was a very popular TV show and I called myself the “Greatest Experimentalist on the Holodeck”.

The Holodeck was a 3D dimensional recreation room where one could make any object or person appear.  Although the TV show was make believe in its time, it is rapidly approaching the point where science fiction is now becoming science fact.

3D Printing is a trend which many people believe will change the world. If one looks back to the middle ages, it can be argued that Gutenberg’s printing press was the greatest invention of that time period. 2D printing literally changed the world!

3D printing is a process of making a 3 dimensional solid object from a digital model. You can already buy a 3D printer on Amazon. I believe this will usher in a new type of industrial revolution which will affect manufacturing and medical advances to name but two areas which will see huge changes.  Eventually, everyone will have a 3D printer in their home to manufacture anything they desire. Watch for this megatrend to change the way real estate construction and manufacturing are done over the coming three decades.