How to stop condo board theft without a lawyer

I am sure someone out there has either invested in or lives in a condominium.  Essentially, a condominium is a building or complex of apartments and/or houses.  One of the responsibilities when living in a condominium is the payment of monthly fees.  These go to a condo board which is to administer the condominium and the associated land on behalf of the owners

There are many ethical condo boards out there but all it takes is one where the owners are being taken advantage of.  This may result in huge special assessments which go directly into the boards personal bank accounts.  If you try to retain legal counsel to investigate or even call the police, they could say to come back when you have some evidence for them to investigate.  Instead of having to go through a long and emotionally exhausting process which could take have a large financial and emotional toll, I would like to propose an alternate method of stopping condo board theft.

Contact your national taxation authority and have all the people you suspect of embezzling funds from the condo board audited. An investigation of their personal bank accounts for the past 3 years should suffice.  If any condo board funds are being stolen, it could very well be found in a simple tax audit.  I can virtually guarantee that if someone is stealing, they have never even thought of the tax consequences of their actions. No lawyer (but perhaps a priest, rabbi or imam) is capable of stopping a tax audit because the law is clearly written so that government can look at anyone’s records. The tax authorities could then go to the police with evidence in hand and have the criminals charged for fraud if theft is occurring.

All of this would occur for the price of a stamp and envelope and no lawyer would ever have to be paid.