Human Resource Departments and finding your next tenant

Suppose you have an empty rental property and want it filled with a quality tenant as soon as possible. The most often tried and tested model is to advertise online and screen the tenants using your own due diligence system. This certainly can be used but what if someone had partially screened the tenant for you before you ever meet them.

Suppose you approach the human resource departments of several large employers in your area and let them know you have a rental property available. Large employers often bring in contract personnel for 6 months to one year of work and they need a place to stay. The employer sometimes will have no trouble prepaying for the entire rental term at the beginning so that you never have to worry about collecting the rent!!

Otherwise, they may know someone else that they can email on their company wide distribution lists and inform them of your place for rent. You know the employee has a stable job otherwise they would not be employed and an HR reference is always a positive indicator to you as a landlord.

This makes it win-win all around and you will develop a reputation for being able to accommodate an employers needs for their staff.