Single Most Bullish Precious Metals Factor Imaginable

Since my sophomore year in college what I’ve loved most is analyzing economics, finance and corporate fundamentals.  The 1987 crash occurred when I was still a clueless high school senior, but by the time I started my first internship in 1989 – at Paine Webber, cold calling certificates of deposit yielding 6% – I was reading the Wall Street Journal daily and daydreaming of working at Goldman Sachs.  My first decade in the business was highly optimistic, but by the time Goldman actually offered me a job in May 1998, I already disliked them so much, no amount of money could have sealed the deal.  Instead, I worked for Salomon Smith Barney – owned by none other than what has turned out to be the nation’s most destructive financial force outside JP Morgan and Citigroup.

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