Better economic times ahead

An economist with Servus Credit Union is predicting better times ahead for Alberta.

Mike Drotar, vice-president treasury with the credit union, says the province should manage 2.7 per cent growth this year and 3.4 per cent in 2014 — both well above the anticipated national averages of 1.8 per cent in 2013 and 2.6 per cent the following year.

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Alberta economy continuing its ‘impressive boom’

CALGARY — Any dark clouds that are currently hanging over Alberta will clear by 2014, paving the way for strong business and consumer activity, says a report by RBC Economics.

The bank’s latest Provincial Outlook, released Tuesday, said the province’s economy will continue its “impressive boom” through 2013, after leading the country’s economic growth in 2012, despite facing challenges.

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Alberta’s other economic opportunities

Despite climbing oil prices, Alberta’s oil and gas industry – while still the single-largest sector of the provincial economy – has been slowly contracting for years. Last year it made up 27.6% of the province’s GDP, down dramatically from 1985, when it represented 36.1%. Alberta’s ability to remain highly competitive depends upon growth and expansion in other industries in the province.

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Calgary condo market heats up

New number may dismiss the idea that the country’s condo market is in dire straits, revealing sales of new condos in Calgary have reached their highest level in six years.

A report released by AltusGroup shows multi-family sales in 2012 were up an impressive 26 per cent from 2011 at 4,180, albeit below the market’s peak in 2005 of 5,868. The report cited advanced investor demand as a contributing factor to the growth, alongside consumer confidence and a strengthening economy.

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Booming Western provinces more positive about Canada’s economy

CALGARY — Booming Western provinces are more positive about Canada’s economy than others, according to a survey released Tuesday by UPS Canada.

The survey said 58 per cent of business leaders in Western Canada have a favourable opinion of Canada’s economic prospects compared with 46 per cent in other provinces.

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Alberta economy a boom for Calgary Boat and Sportsmen’s Show

CALGARY — With a fairly strong economy and high levels of disposable income, Alberta consumers are spending more money these days on ‘toys’ such as expensive boats and marine equipment.

That will be evident once again this weekend at the 2013 Calgary Boat and Sportsmen’s Show at the BMO Centre at Stampede Park.

Southern Alberta’s Biggest Fishing and Outdoor Show is a mecca for all things related to an outdoor lifestyle, featuring boats, marine products and accessories valued at over $17 million and about 230 exhibitors.

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Alberta economy to ease in 2013

CALGARY — Alberta’s economy is expected to ease in 2013 but will remain near the top of the Canadian leaderboard, says BMO Economics as it released its Provincial Monitor report on Thursday.

The report said Real GDP growth in the province of 2.7 per cent will be second in the country behind only Newfoundland & Labrador’s 4.5 per cent cent.

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The future of Alberta’s economy is crystal clear

The crystal ball doesn’t really need any polishing, because rarely have the opportunities/challenges for Edmonton’s and northern Alberta’s economy been so clear.

It’s about extracting and shipping hydrocarbons (oil, natural gas and coal) in a way that keeps the forests green, the water pure, the air pristine, the pipelines and transmission lines as unobtrusive as possible.

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Alberta economy shrugs off oil slump

Most signals on Alberta’s economy dashboard are delivering the same message into 2013: “Things are good,” says TD Economics.

And there’s little surprise why Alberta’s economy outperformed the rest of Canada this year, with key economic indicators such as labour markets, investment indicators and consumer demand expected to remain strong.

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