Council aims for more sidewalk patios in Edmonton through fee reduction

EDMONTON – Sidewalk patios might become even more popular in Edmonton after councillors voted Monday to reduce the application fee.

The cost of permits for major sidewalk cafes — with more than eight seats and liquor service — was cut to $100 from $420 by council’s executive committee, while the licence for minor patios without alcohol was set at $25.

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Bar limits sought on 17th Avenue to restore daytime business

On the strip that got national attention a decade ago for its vibrant nightlife, the city could soon all but shut the taps on new bars or licensed restaurants to help save 17th Avenue’s daytime business.

The Red Mile has been in decline as a shopping district for several years, as high rents have squeezed margins. An influx of pubs and restaurants have made the avenue more popular at night but subdued by day, when stores are open, prompting the 17th Avenue Business Revitalization Zone to call for new city regulations.

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Canadian restaurants and bars a key to economic growth

Just how important is the Canadian food services and drinking places industry to the economy?

Well, take a look at some of the data.

According to Statistics Canada, Canadian restaurants, bars and caterers created 33,891 new jobs between January and August. The restaurant industry is the second-fastest job creator so far this year – just behind the construction industry.

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