Portion of 12 Foot Davis Road collapses

Last week, a road section approximately 20 meters long failed and slid causing a portion of 12 Foot Davis Road to be closed off to all users.

According to Mathieu Bergeron, economic development and project co-ordinator at Northern Sunrise County, the area, which was previously closed off to traffic but open to pedestrian and bicycle traffic, is located 150 metres away from the 12 Foot Davis Gravesite.

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Wall Street’s Core Culture Means We’ll See More Collapses Like MF Global

I’d like to share with you a key pair of sentences from the congressional report on MF Global’s collapse, summing up a long investigation led by Louis Freeh:

Corzine, an active trader at the firm, was supposed to be supervised by the company’s chief compliance officer. But the oversight mechanism was put in place to make sure he wasn’t engaged in insider trading or market manipulation — the officer had no control over the ‘economic rationale’ of the trading decisions, the report said.

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Edmonton council approves purchase of properties affected by 1999 collapse

EDMONTON – City council approved a plan Wednesday to buy three southwest properties that slid into the North Saskatchewan River valley in 1999.

One house on Whitemud Road fell into the valley when the slope behind it collapsed, while two neighbouring homes had to be demolished because they weren’t safe.

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