U of C increasing international focus

The University of Calgary wants to increase its standing in the world with a greater focus on developing relationships beyond Canada’s borders.

The university announced a new international strategy on Monday with an emphasis on increasing the number of foreign students coming to Calgary while also cultivating more opportunities for students here to study abroad.

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Canada’s foreign worker program to be reviewed after hiring of Chinese coal miners in B.C.

OTTAWA— The federal government moved Thursday to distance itself from its own increasingly controversial decision to grant permits to 201 Chinese nationals to work in a northeast B.C. coal project.

Human Resources Minister Diane Finley said the government isn’t satisfied with the process that led to the granting of the permits, and said it has put the Temporary Foreign Workers program under review.

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Harper to approve CNOOC, Petronas deals after revising rules: Moody’s

Stephen Harper will approve the two foreign state-owned enterprises’ bids to buy Canadian energy companies after revising the rules, according to Moody’s Investors Services.

“Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s pro-business and pro-energy stance makes both the CNOOC and Petronas deals likely to pass under revised foreign ownership guidelines,” the rating’s agency said in a report.

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Canada’s opportunity to tap into giant India economy has never been better

As happened about a decade ago with China, Canada has been slow to realize the benefits of capturing a share of India’s $2-trillion-a-year economy.

With a tantalizing number like that, the Conservative government has been right to make increasing Canada’s foreign trade, especially in Asia, a top priority.

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State-owned investors a new reality as Canada debates Chinese oilpatch bid

OTTAWA- The Chinese National Offshore Oil Corp.’s bid to buy Calgary oil producer Nexen Inc. is posing a conundrum to Canada’s governments and its people: what do we do when wealthy state-owned enterprises come calling?

Asking that question is easy. The hard part, it seems, is answering it.

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Who owns the oil sands?

National hand-wringing over foreign ownership of the oil sands, especially by state-owned enterprises, is spiking across the country. But while there has always been foreign participation in Canada’s most-capitalized natural resource, and that participation is increasing, an in-depth look at oil sands involvement shows that Canadians are still the dominant operators and employers.

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