Sturgeon industrial park draws significant interest.

STURGEON COUNTY – There may not be an upgrader alley in the offing, but corporate interest in the Sturgeon County area is just as keen was it was before the 2008 financial crisis, says the region’s economic development officer.

“We’ve seen a  lot of interest in the Heartland and, frankly, I think it’s real exciting,” said Kyle Reiling.


Who Really Benefits From Interest Deductions

REAL estate and building industry groups have loudly condemned proposals by both presidential campaigns to shrink the mortgage interest deduction. Central to their arguments is the long-hallowed deduction’s value to the middle class. But a closer look at who benefits suggests that this perception, though prevalent, is not accurate.


Unidentified company shows interest in old Walmart property

Although few details have been released, someone may soon buy and move into the former Walmart location.

The old Walmart store has sat vacant at the corner of Dunmore Road and the Trans-Canada Highway for about three years but that may soon change, a city official says. Someone came along in recent weeks and slapped ‘Pending’ signs on one of the two extra large ‘For Sale’ signs standing on the property.


Capping Itemized Deductions IS Housing Policy

Trulia’s Chief Economist discusses why a low cap on itemized deductions would reduce homeownership benefits for the middle class. That’s because housing-related tax deductions, including home mortgage interest and real estate taxes, account for 49% of total itemized deductions, and for middle-income tax itemizers, 56% of deductions are housing-related.

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