Moose Lodge could move to new location

The iconic statue that stands on the former Moose Lodge site will be saved if the final phase of the Norwood Grande condo complex goes ahead Ñ and, in fact, may be bound for a brand new location in front of a brand new lodge.

Mark Krassman, the current governor of the lodge says the service club is actively exploring the idea of building a new stand-alone banquet hall and club facility.

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Seniors get first detailed look at new lodge

FORT SASKATCHEWAN – City residents got a closer look at the building that is to replace Dr. Turner Lodge and were given some clues as to what they might find inside during an update given by the Fort Foundation.

“One of the things we keep getting asked is when will it be built,” said Ken Fearnly, the project manager for the development.

“The design work is about 60 per cent done, we expect to put to tender sometime in January with construction to begin in March or April and we expect to be open in the fall of 2014.”

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