Bad year for potholes

While it might not be as bad as Edmonton, St. Albert’s pothole situation is definitely worse than in any recent year in memory, say city officials.

“I’ve been at the city for seven years and this is probably the worst of it and I think it’s because of the winter we had,” said public works director Dan Rites. “We are still in good shape and the roads that are giving us trouble … the roads are rough, but we are looking at fixing them.”

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Edmonton needs big spending increase to protect commuter roads, report says

EDMONTON – Edmonton’s main arterial roads will crumble back to their condition of 20 years ago unless the city dramatically increases annual maintenance spending to $65 million, a new report says.

That would be about six times more than this year’s original $9-million budget for upkeep of the 832 kilometres of arterial roads, although last month city council put an additional $12 million toward this work.

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City sets lofty target for pothole crews in ’13

City crews are out in earnest repairing potholes, with an ambitious target to hit for 2013.

Pothole rehabilitation started back in late February, but the two crews dedicated solely to potholes began their work at the beginning of April. In addition, other city crews may be dispatched to do pothole work when circumstances allow.

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Edmonton’s pothole-riddled neighbourhoods to receive $9M worth of repairs

EDMONTON – Crumbling neighbourhood roads will see an extra $9-million worth of repairs this year to deal with conditions one city councillor described as “abysmal.”

This winter’s heavy snow and the freeze-thaw cycle combined to create one of Edmonton’s worst pothole seasons in years, and city councillors voted Wednesday to marshal additional resources to fight the problem.

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