Alberta set to rake in $1.48 billion from gaming

Experts are questioning whether current responsible-gambling strategies are enough to curb gaming addicts as Alberta resumes its high-rolling ways.

This month’s budget documents predict Alberta will haul in $1.48 billion in gambling and lottery revenue this fiscal year, the most since 2008 — the year the last economic boom ended. The province’s net proceeds from gaming haven’t topped $1.5 billion since then, but should in 2015, the fiscal plan projects.

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Property assessment report reveals some shifts

Cochrane’s 2013 residential and commercial property values may have experienced an overall increase from last year, but not to the extent the mayor and council were hoping.

During a presentation on Feb. 11, Mayor Truper McBride said he and council had expected property assessment values to experience a greater increase than the 3.92 per cent it had, indicating that the slower than anticipated growth could have an effect on tax rates, which will be established by council this spring.

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More tax increases in city’s future

It  is becoming increasingly clear that a decline in the rate of increase in taxes in St. Albert is unlikely in the short or medium-term future, a sobering thought with municipal elections eight months away.

Two items of note this week reinforced that particular forecast for St. Albert residents. Specifically as it pertains to property taxes, Mayor Nolan Crouse made his feelings apparent during his State of the City address at Wednesday’s Chamber of Commerce lunch. He told the hundreds of people gathered at The Enjoy Centre that the increases of three and four per cent the last few years will likely remain the norm going forward.

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