Controversial Montana-Alta. power line ready to roll

The Montana-Alberta Tie Line power transmission line will be commissioned in early September.

“Some of the final testing was completed this past Saturday morning, where they demonstrated that we have a clean connection from Lethbridge to Great Falls,” said Scott Dodd, senior project director with Enbridge, on Monday. “The final commissioning has to wait approximately two weeks.”

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Transmission charges set to double, report warns

The cost of constructing transmission lines will more than double the transmission charges on residential electricity bills and could drive some commercial and industrial users out of the province, says a report prepared for the Alberta Utilities Commission.

The report by the industry experts on a transmission cost recovery subcommittee warns that transmission “wire” costs are forecast to increase from $14 per megawatt-hour in 2011 to about $32 by 2018.

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Approval given to Atco’s $1.6-billion electric transmission line from central to southern Alberta

EDMONTON – Atco Electric’s $1.6-billion transmission line through eastern Alberta  was approved Thursday by the Alberta Utilities Commission, marking a major step in the long-awaited expansion of the province’s electricity grid.

“We’re very happy, it’s been a lot of work,” said Sett Policicchio, Atco president of capital projects.

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