The best “investment” of all

Many people worldwide have acquired great wealth through different methods and the question sometimes comes up as to what the best investment of all really is. The answers range from gold, real estate, colored diamonds to futures, stocks and intellectual property.  There are pros and cons to every investment and there is no one size fits all which works for everyone at every time.

In my case, I used to believe that mutual funds were the answer.  I then changed my mind to real estate, then business.  I have met many investors who have weighed in their opinions on this matter and against all the odds, I believe I have found the ultimate investment which will stand the test of time worldwide.

The greatest investment of all is in educating yourself about money. The vehicle you choose is not as important as how you empower yourself.  If stocks interest you, then attend a seminar and network with those who are like minded.  Your network is your net worth and can greatly expand your horizons.

I did not know how to balance a checkbook until I was 30 and that basic bookkeeping knowledge (which I had procrastinated for 15 years in learning) has assisted me to this day. If it wasn’t for my initiative to learn that tried tested and true knowledge, I would still not be able to form a budget.

Educate yourself and keep expanding to truly have the greatest investment of all!