What do smartphones and tablets have to do with real estate?

One of the most important parts to purchasing a property is the viewing of the property. I sincerely hope no one out there purchases a deal “sight unseen” as you are asking for trouble it could very well get you!

Every time that you do this, please bring your smartphone or tablet to record what you see. Preferably, the settings should be to HD quality video.  This important step is just as important as the offer itself.  There can be no ambiguity as to what is present should there ever be a dispute as to what actually exists.  You can view this many times before submitting an offer and put in clauses indicating repairs you would like done before a purchase.

A copy of this recording should be kept for as long as you own the property.  Apple users should note that only the iphone 4s or afterwards has HD video quality. This is a very simple but often overlooked part of the deal.