Do you stop and pick up spare change?

Years ago, I was watching a documentary which explained that the cost of creating a penny is more than a penny and that according to the author “A penny saved is worthless!”. This last February, the penny ceased being produced in Canada but other forms of change continue on. Often times, I am walking and see loose change on the ground and see others just walk by and intentionally not pick them up. The question then becomes, do I pick up the spare change?

I absolutely pick up it all up even if it is on the ground. It is not just for the monetary consideration, but rather the power of intention. If you want to achieve any financial goal, it is virtually impossible to climb straight to the top of the mountain. You are much more likely to achieve your goal if you break it down to manageable and achievable monthly weekly or even daily goals. Picking up spare change is leveraging the law of attraction that you are open to receiving more. If you would stop and pick up a quarter, is that not 5 nickels rolled into one?

Start increasing your personal wealth attraction by using this simple but often overlooked strategy.