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To leverage the internet in supporting the greatest real estate boom of all time.

In every corner of the earth, we are known as the world’s most trusted and relied upon source of unbiased information for providing economic fundamentals that impact the Alberta real estate market. From the established financial centers of New York, London and Tokyo, to the rising powers of Sao Paulo, Johannesburg and Sydney, investors stay informed through our daily updates.

As a result of the global financial crisis of the late 2000’s and its ongoing aftermath, investors are searching for a safe and viable place to invest in real estate. Many parts of the United States and the globe were adversely affected by the near collapse of the American banking system. Although a number of regions have stopped their downward spiral in real estate values, it will take many years if not decades to fully recover. Some investors are looking to invest in property once again. The current Kondratieff wave towards hard assets such as commodities, colored diamonds and real estate and away from paper wealth such as equities, bonds and mutual funds will continue for the next decade if not longer.

We invite our worldwide readers to an unbiased perspective on the economic fundamentals that are behind Alberta.

We neither agree nor disagree with any of the information presented and merely compile it and allow you the reader to make your own decisions regarding your own real estate investments.

Joe Iannuzzi – Founder and CEO










Joe Iannuzzi has an undergraduate degree in physics from the University of Calgary with a minor in pure mathematics and has completed both the Canadian Securities and Conduct and Practices Handbook Courses. These are the academic requirements to sell stocks, bonds and mutual funds in Canada. He attended numerous financial seminars in Calgary, Edmonton and Toronto in the early to mid 2000’s.

He is a dual award winning real estate investor and is well known in the province of Alberta for providing leading edge unbiased economic fundamentals. He has helped many aspiring investors get started and assisted them as they build their investment portfolios and move towards their financial dreams.

A unique business patent worthy process was created which details how the daily news articles are compiled on this forum. This is his introduction to the field of intellectual property.

He has been previously employed as an oil and gas accountant in Calgary’s energy sector.

Karl Meema – Chief Technical Officer

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Karl Meema graduated from Queen’s with a Bachelor of Commerce and from York University with an MBA. He has spent over 25 years selling, marketing and developing technology. In his early career he worked at Hewlett Packard, IBM, Lotus Development and Microsoft where he ran the Western Canadian Region. Over the past 10 years, Karl has both owned and been involved at startup companies including President, CEO of Pathfinder GeoServices and President of illimiCell (now Poynt Corp.), VP Sales for Userful Corporation and now CEO of Technos Consulting, a Calgary based consulting company offering project rescue services as well as project staff mentoring, coaching and development services.