IT and legal Update

We have been very busy behind this scenes this past week due to substantial progress we have made on both the IT and legal fronts. Let me explain.

First of all, WordPress has released a number of patch releases in anticipation of their major update called WordPress 3.9 which is due any day now. We have been updating our systems to ensure they are fully up to date. All of this is going on without interfering in our service to you the reader. We would never use any antiquated system such as myspace or any variation of it in 2014 and neither should you if you are on the web!

Secondly, we have nearly finalized our choice of legal counsel for our corporation. We have it down to a few candidates all of which have offices in Calgary and are internationally renowned law firms.  Once we have made our final decision, we will let it be known as they will key in us proceeding forward.  This comes at a critical time as our major announcement from October is nearly ready and we will be completely ready to deal with any and all opposition we may encounter.