Flooding update for July 2013

I have never been in the middle of a natural disaster until last month.  For those who were affected, it is very much a difficult time. What has greatly surprised me is the extent to which Southern Alberta has been able to address numerous issues regarding the recovery.  Already, Calgary has its electrical grid up and running and the Stampede will go “hell or highwater’. The resiliency of Alberta at this time is truly impressive. Short term, this is a very serious situation but in 6-8 months, I fully expect us to be in a fully operational mode.  Although the news articles I post in the short term can be challenging for readers, always keep the faith that this economy is one of the strongest in the world. Our actions and abilities in rising up speak for us and not even a flood can stop the momentum we have.

Success is not a straight line and no matter what happens, we will get through this. For those of you in Calgary, please visit www.nenshi.ca as something to keep in mind this coming October. A vote is a way of saying thank you for the tremendous leadership Mayor Nenshi has shown to us at this time.