Heating/Cooling system maintenance

To succeed in real estate, one must keep the expenses low while being proactive in preventing problems. A simple but very effective way to achieving this result is to conduct a regular maintenance on the heating and/or cooling systems in your properties. This often overlooked step that investors need to address can go a very long way to saving you money.

The best time to schedule a maintenance call for the heating/cooling system is on the day one takes possession of an investment property. From that point on, setup a regular maintenance schedule ranging from 2-3 years depending on your situation. Many investors do not follow through on this step and they are the ones who end up paying large invoices for an emergency service call when their furnace stops in the middle of the night. A regular maintenance schedule also lengthens the life of the furnace/cooling system and can potentially save you thousands of dollars later on. Setting up this reminder in your mobile phone as a recurring event will ensure you never forget this critical step.

If you decide to use a service from the internet, please read the Google, Yelp (or other) reviews that describe past customers experiences. Also ensure that the company you are using to conduct the work is certified.