How to improve your performance without trying

I have met many successful people over the years in the field of business and real estate and there runs a common theme about some of their activities that sets them apart from ordinary. People often think there is a secret formula to success, but they have all shown me that simplicity is truly the answer in their success.  They keep their business practices simple, their relationships and above all, they have free time! That’s right. They take at least one day a week completely off and do not talk about anything regarding money.  The other 6 days are plenty enough to cover all aspects of their finances. Day 7 is exclusively for family, prayer, private time, or in my case Serie A soccer. As of late, I have been focusing on the Euro 2012 tournament as this is how I balance things out. Without some sort of non financial goals to achieve, there is no point investing.  Having money is not about money itself, it is about lifestyle. The next time you meet someone who works seven days a week, walk away as they would probably not be a good business partner for you as their life is most likely not balanced.