Increasing financial literacy through educational TV shows

When I was studying to become an investment advisor (aka stockbroker), I was always trying to learn as much as possible from others who had gone through the road of business and see what tips I could learn from them.  In the mid 1990’s, the amount of information available to investors was quite small compared to today.  In fact, I would argue there is too much information available today!

One option which is available now is through the use of watching expert investors and business owners assist their analysis through the media. Three of my favorite TV shows which I try to watch are Shark Tank, Dragon’s Den and Bar Rescue on Spike TV. My particular favorite is Bar Rescue because this takes me completely out of my business comfort zone into an area I know that I could never succeed in a big way. These shows teach me that it is OK not to be perfect and skilled at everything I do. Just find your own niche and stick with it. By watching others improve their businesses, this is how I use these shows as inspiration in my business of promoting Alberta real estate worldwide!