No snow on the rooftops?

This past week in Calgary has been a little bit colder than normal.  I often like to walk because sitting in front of a computer for extended periods of time is not something I have ever been able to do.  As I walked through my neighborhood, the roofs had snow on them which had not all been blown or melted away. I always look to the roof to see if there is even a little bit on top.  My motivation for doing so is not for aesthetic appeal or design but something much more ominous.

Houses used for to grow marijuana must be kept at high temperatures for growth to occur.  For this much excessive heat to be present in the house, it means any snow on the roof must be melted away. No snow on the roof means it has a potential to be a grow operation. Dark curtains are another indicator potential criminal activity is present.

Fortunately, I did not see any on my walks but I am always watching because these properties can adversely affect your community, lifestyle and values of any properties you own in the area. ALWAYS be vigilant if you see this and ask questions.