Political predictions for 2014

Investing in real estate require one to be conscious of geopolitical forces that shape the environment. These can be local, regional, national or global in nature. For that reason, I wish to venture out with two predictions as to what will transpire this year for Alberta investors.

1) Russia will invade eastern Ukraine sometime in May. There is simply no other reason to have tens of thousands of troops at the border conducting military exercises. Having said that, I do occasionally go to the Pravda website as to hear their side of the story. The disintegration of the Soviet Union has left Russia in a weaker state Putin may wish to get some of that sphere of influence back. Recall that he took over Crimea in March!

2) Jim Prentice will be the leader of the Progressive conservative party come September. Although I do not believe it to be a coronation of any type, he is the front runner to be the next leader because he is not tainted with the same type of history as his opponents. A strong track record at the federal level only strengthens his case.