Reflections on last week’s floods

Late last week, Alberta was on the receiving end of a substantial amount of rain which caused flooding in many areas in southern Alberta.  The amount of rain that fell was unprecedented and resulted in billions of dollars of damage.  At present, we have the goal of getting critical infrastructure up and running. This includes Calgary’s downtown core which is essential for much of the country’s energy sector.

Although the floods were devastating, our response has been equally strong.  We have had to actually turn back our own local volunteers because we have too many of them!  The response from everyone has been both quick and very decisive in getting things back to normal from the political leaders in Alberta to someone’s neighbor.

Short term, this has been very trying and the numerous pictures showing the destruction many are going through says it all. Longer term, this will only intensify the coming real estate boom in Alberta since more people will hear about our reputation around the world.  As we recover, it will be with better infrastructure which is both safer and utilizes modern technology. The massive Alberta rebuild has begun!

Thank you to everyone who has inquired about my safety. I was completely unaffected by the flood in Calgary along with 90% of the city.