Should one buy new or used appliances for a rental property?

One of the many factors when renting out a property is the condition of the appliances.  Washers, dryers and stoves are certainly a cost to take into account as a landlord as well it can be a selling feature to a tenant. The question then becomes should one go for new or used?

If you choose to buy used appliances, the cost savings are immediate as they are cheaper than brand new. Keeping costs down is a business move that cannot be ignored. The downside to used appliances is that they can break sooner than new and then your costs could go up as you will be forced into a buying situation you had not planned for.

New appliances have an extra cost compared to used ones but I believe they are well worth it because they will break down less and they can be a great selling feature to a prospective tenant.  The tenant will have to deal with less hassle with (broken washers and dryers for example) and make their lives easier. Keeping an equity building tenant is key to making money in real estate and going cheap on appliances could cost you someone very valuable to your business.

Also, a real estate purchase is usually hundreds of thousands of dollars and the last thing you want as an owner is to go cheap on several hundred dollars of appliances.