The most important business skill

There are many aspects to building a successful business no matter where in the world you are located.  A solid legal and accounting team are necessary to ensure all laws and finances are handled properly. Effective communications is also a necessary part of having success in your endeavors.  However, there is one area that is far more important than anything else to ensure not only the survival but prosperity of any venture.

The most important skill is the ability to sell.  Sales=Income (cashflow).  Without cashflow, you have no way to develop your business or even maintain its current existence.  That is why I love the network training programs because they teach you this vital skill if you are to succeed.  It is often uncomfortable and vital to overcoming any obstacles.  if you wish to see a great example of sales in action, watch any 4 year old ask their parents for candy or toys.  Kids are wonderful salespeople!

Even in relationships, the ability to sell one’s viewpoint or ideology is what differentiates one side over the other.