The new type of literacy which affects your investments

Regardless of the asset class one invests in there are a number of common factors which affect your success. The ability to understand economic fundamentals and reading a balance sheet are two that quickly come to mind.  Many people have lost money because of their inability to understand these concepts and have left money on the table in times past. However, a new one has emerged and many people think it does not affect them but it is increasingly prevalent all over the world. That literacy is the ability to use computers and technology with ease.

Children today are exposed to iphones, Facebook and other tech devices that most people over 30 did not have growing up. I was very fortunate to have had my first computer in 1984 and used email with livechat in 1988. (Karl predates me on all of this by over a decade and that is one of the many reasons why he is a world class IT support!) Computers to me were second nature because I was constantly exposed to them despite being teased as a teenager for advocating their future impact. I have spoken to numerous IT support personnel and the discussions repeatedly state that most people do not know how to use a computer beyond the bare essentials of turning it on and off.

Most financial advisors use technology to support their clients and send documents when required.  Also realtors, property managers and many others use the internet as a device to increase their efficiency. You are either tech literate or will quickly be left behind. If you are intimidated by a computer, then there is lots of help available for you. Most colleges and other educational institutions offer evening courses on how to use a computer. This will help build your confidence in utilizing this necessary tool for investing as well as life in general!