The ultimate deciding factor whether you should purchase a property

Suppose you have looked at a property and are wondering if it would be a good addition to your portfolio.  You have taken out your checklist and verified that it is in a good area close to amenities, schools and transportation. The curb appeal is there as well as a potential resale in 3-5 years depending on your exit strategy.

Time and again you have checked your numbers and seen that it is positive cash flow with a Starbucks nearby. You may not have all of these above factors in your property but there is one factor no one will ever tell you about.

The deciding factor you must check is not what the numbers tell you but rather what your internal instincts say. This is unquantifiable and that which cannot be explained by mere logic and reasoning. If there is something holding you back, then walk away! Usually when something says do not buy, there is a good reason for it even if you cannot explain it! Otherwise, go for it!