What industry are you in?

Years ago, I used to work at a Montreal based company called CGI. During one of my many coffee breaks, the question came up as to what industry we were all employed in.  I made my argument in a simple manner and said we were all in the oil and gas sector.  We listened, spoke and interacted with oil and gas clients all day long and that is why I responded we were in the energy sector.

To my great surprise, I was told that we were not in that field but rather technology.  We were all using our experience from oil and gas accounting to solve IT related problems to serve our clients.  That was an important distinction for me because I never had to really stop and focus on what I was providing.

Today, people ask me what industry I am in and assume my answer is real estate. This too is incorrect.  I use all my knowledge to provide unbiased economic fundamentals that affect the numerous marketplaces I cover on this site. My method of providing this information is through the internet. My revenue in this business comes from Google Ads and not any real estate sources.  For that reason, I am in the internet industry with the intention of servicing real estate investors.