Why this website was created

When I first began investing in real estate, I was amazed at the economic research that some investors would provide in order to justify their purchases. I had previously been trained in the securities field and the overlap between the economics of equities and real estate fascinated me. I then noticed that equities had substantial media coverage but real estate in my local region was not compiled in one central location. It was not easy for the average person to access in a time efficient manner.

Later, I discovered that I did not have to go off to another nation to find a world class real estate investment. It has always been right underneath my nose.  The main reason why I compile these articles is because no one ever did it for me and it is my way of paying it forward. If you are going to invest in anything over the next few weeks, spend time with family and friends and you will be better off as a result!! There will be plenty of time in the new year to pursue your next investment.

Merry Christmas