Why real estate is different than other investments

Mention the word “investing” to any person on the street and they will most likely think of stocks or mutual funds.  Others might mention options, futures or other exotic entities such as art. However, they all have one thing in common which sets them apart from real estate.

You do not need to own Apple’s stock or a call option for Coke. You do however need a place to live and it does not matter if you own or rent. Housing is a basic human need and that is why real estate will continue to exist in the future as an investment vehicle. I also like to mention that paper assets that related to real estate such as utility companies and banks are some of my favorite stocks. People may complain about their water bill, but it will always be a high priority on the list of monthly expenses.  I also believe that internet access which the United Nations has declared as a basic human right could very well enter into the same “need” category that real estate has established itself as. Time will tell!