8 Principles For Value Investing That Investors Should Never Forget

During times of “heightened uncertainty” Scott Clemons, chief investment strategist, and Michael Kim, CIO, at Brown Brothers Harriman Wealth Management, think value investors need to remember eight key principles. 1. “Risk is not volatility.” 2. “Price and value are different things.” 3.”Investors must know what they own.” 4. “There is no such thing as passive investing.” 5. “Preserving wealth is the first step towards growing it.” 6. “There is a difference between wealth and money.” 7. “Cash provides option value to an investor.” 8. “Diversification is an inadequate tool for managing risk.”

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The standard wisdom on gold is that it does well in times of economic bad news such as in the 1970s, a period of stagflation and recessions, when the yellow metal rose from $35/oz to peak at $850/oz in 1980. But this time, Don Coxe, a portfolio adviser to the BMO Asset Management, believes things are different. In this interview with The Gold Report, Coxe explains why gold will rise when the economy improves.

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Only Energy Isolation Equates to Energy Security

The United States could become nearly self-sufficient in oil within the next decade. Oil production from Texas, North Dakota and other shale-rich states means the country is less reliant on foreign oil than at any time since at least the Arab oil embargo of the 1970s. Production has reached the point that authorities are calling on U.S. lawmakers to consider exporting oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, a cushion normally reserved for domestic markets.  That level of energy independence is redefining the aspects of the global marketplace. It will do little, however, to isolate the United States from its dynamics.

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