Investment funds pool $330 million to create midstream firm

CALGARY — Private investment funds are putting up $330 million to create a new Calgary-based midstream company to take advantage of a surge in unconventional gas development in Western Canada.

Kanata Energy Group Ltd. announced Thursday that Calgary-based ARC Financial Corp., Energy Spectrum Capital of Dallas and the private investment department of the Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan had contributed.

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Executive committee to debate proposed limits on front garages in mature neighbourhoods

The city’s administration is proposing restrictions on where developers can build suburban-style front garages in mature neighbourhoods, but those who hate the boxy look argue changes don’t go far enough.

Newly suggested amendments to the zoning bylaw for mature neighbourhoods make it clear front access is not allowed where there is a back alley and fewer than half of the other homes on the block have front access.

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“The way markets normally work is, after you do have a big move, you get a correction. Even over the past 12 years, if you look at gold, you had big moves in 2005, 2006, and 2007 where you were in some years generating over 20% appreciation in gold. Then you had the correction in 2008. Even though that was a correction, gold was still up that year”

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Industry in Parkland County and continued developments for 2013

In regards to industry, one of the bigger and long time issues in Parkland County is gravel.

“We’re both blessed and cursed with the gravel resource in Parkland County.”

Although the County receives royalties on gravel extraction it is also faced with problems such as larger traffic volumes and elevated noise levels that is concerning for nearby residents.

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MEG unveils rail delivery plan as oil discount widens

CALGARY — Sky-high differentials have convinced a second Alberta oilsands producer to take on the ability to deliver all of its production by rail, frustrating the goal of environmentalists who hope to stifle oilsands production by halting pipeline expansions.

On a conference call following release of its fourth quarter results Thursday, MEG Energy Corp. confirmed that it will have the capability by mid-year to move its entire 32,000 barrels per day of bitumen production by rail and river barge to the Gulf Coast.

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What’s the easiest way to track the ups and downs of energy markets? Watch what governments are doing rather than what they are saying, says S&A Resource Report Editor Matt Badiali. He has been watching behind-the-scenes nuclear energy importing in Germany and Japan and has concluded that the uranium market has hit bottom and is coming back up. What companies could benefit from these gyrations? He has an answer to that one in this Energy Report interview, plus some words of wisdom on U.S. oil and gas bottlenecks.

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