Why Hogan should help Baltimore reduce its property tax burden

Let’s be honest, you could likely fill a book with Baltimore Sun op-eds written about the city’s property tax rate. It doesn’t take an economist to realize that a poor city charging twice the rate of their rich neighbor is shooting itself in the foot. In fact, at $2.248 per $100 of assessed property, we have the highest property tax rate in Maryland.

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MAKING CENTS: The ups and downs of family owned real estate

Some families intentionally pool their resources to make investments in real estate. Others inherit properties and become partners, whether that was their plan or not. Either way, owning real estate with family members can be a great way to benefit from family resources or be the straw that breaks the camel’s back with respect to family harmony.

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This building material could have saved California houses from wildfires, but it’s not widely used in the US

Two major fires are still burning in California. Authorities now report that the Camp Fire in Northern California has destroyed more than 8,000 homes and burned 140,000 acres. Meanwhile, the Woolsey Fire in Los Angeles and Ventura counties has destroyed over 500 homes and scorched more than 98,000 acres.

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