Highway 779 Construction Update July 9

Alberta Transportation (AT) has informed the Town that inclement weather has caused delays over the last two weeks. Despite the rain delays, work continues on the 48 Street (Highway 779) Grade Widening Project. Paving of the bottom lift of asphalt on the southbound lanes of 48 Street between 57 Avenue and 55 Avenue is schedule for Friday, July 10. Both existing southbound lanes will be closed and all traffic will be moved to the northbound lanes with one lane of traffic in each direction beginning Friday morning at 6:30AM. Lane closures will remain in place until further notice. The intersections at 57 Avenue and 55 Avenue will remain open. Paving of the bottom lift of asphalt along 49 Avenue and on to 48 Street at the Servus Credit Union access is scheduled for Saturday, July 11. Traffic on 49 Avenue will be limited to one lane of alternating traffic controlled by flag people starting at 7:00AM on Saturday.

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