Hicks: Highly-respected city developer set to make the Kelly Ramsey tower into a downtown jewel

John Day is one of my local heroes.

You’ve never heard of him — he shuns the limelight.

But you’ve seen his influence.

The phoenix that rose out of the ashes of the Uncle Albert’s restaurant fire on the corner of historic Old Strathcona’s Whyte Avenue and Calgary Trail? That was John’s development.

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Calgary’s tallest office tower officially opens

The Bow Building, the largest office building on Calgary’s skyline and tallest building west of Toronto, will be officially opened on Tuesday in a lavish ceremony.

Starting at 7 a.m., a visual presentation will begin on big screens set up outside the building, with the real show starting at 1 p.m. with a performance by First Nations drummers.

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New tallest building: Council approves twin towers at 56 and 42 storeys

CALGARY — Council unanimously approved zoning for a twin-skyscraper project that will give downtown Calgary a new tallest building — “a very big jewel,” one alderman said Monday.

Brookfield Office Properties has planned 56- and 42-storey office towers on the downtown block where the Bay parkade stands and where the Calgary Herald’s former building is being demolished.

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Wireless industry promises to consult on cellphone towers

The lobby group that represents Canada’s wireless industry says cellphone service providers will start consulting more with homeowners and municipalities about the placement of cellphone towers in Canadian cities.

The Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association announced Thursday a new plan to work closely with municipalities to “find common-sense solutions to the challenge of building Canada’s digital infrastructure while respecting local land use preferences and community concerns.”

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Foothills won’t support broadcast towers

The MD of Foothills council refused to support the construction of four 104.5 metre tall towers northeast of Black Diamond due to concerns they will impact the flight path of a nearby airport.

Reflecting concerns expressed at a public consultation meeting last month, MD councillors voiced concerns about the proximity of Touch Canada Broadcasting’s proposed towers to the Cu Nim Gliding Club’s airport. The towers, proposed to be located 115 metres north of Highway 7 northeast of Black Diamond, are to provide AM radio service to Calgarians.

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Update: Committee looks at changing Edmonton cell-tower rules

EDMONTON  -Edmonton is tightening its policy for handling applications to build what one community representative calls “big, ugly” cellphone towers.

Although Industry Canada has the final word on which structures to approve, municipalities can tell the federal government whether they agree or disagree with proposals based on local conditions.

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