Alberta first-time home buyers expect to spend nearly $380,000

CALGARY — First-time buyers in Alberta expect to spend nearly $380,000 on a home, the third highest average in the country, according to a report released Tuesday by BMO.

The First-Time Home Buyer’s report said the average amount Canadians planning to buy their first home in the next five years plan to spend is approximately $300,000, with an average down payment amount of $48,000 (16 per cent).

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They Bailed On Their Homes – Now They Want Back In

A new survey of past clients by, a website that assists borrowers in the legal pitfalls of strategic default, found that nearly 80 percent expressed a desire to buy a home again within the next twelve months. It also cites data by Moody’s analytics, showing that the number of eligible home buyers who have had a previous foreclosure will be 1.5 million by the first quarter of 2014.

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