Choosing to live alone on the rise for Canadians

There is a difference between loneliness and solitude. Not everyone can appreciate the difference, but it seems that more Canadians are willing and able to live alone than in years past. Once a punishment for bad behaviour or the result or poor life choices, people are voluntarily choosing the single life. I happen to be one of them.

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Survey says GP citizens are satisfied

The city has been graded by its residents through a quality of life survey and has passed with flying colours.

The 2013 Citizen Satisfaction Survey, conducted by Ipsos Reid, shows that 95% of surveyed residents believe the quality of life in Grande Prairie is “good.” Approximately 26% of that sum agreed that the quality of life is “very good.”

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Alberta’s economic snapshot for March 16, 2013

CALGARY, AB, Mar. 16, 2013/ Troy Media/ – One of the most expensive items anyone will ever purchase is their home. Compared to the prices for other goods and services Albertans purchase, new home prices have more than kept pace. But it’s worth taking a look back at price trends over the past 20 years to spot a surprising pattern.

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