Calgary luxury home sales booming

CALGARY — Calgary’s luxury home real estate market continues to climb as sales in the first quarter of this year are on an upward trend.

According to Mike Fotiou, associate broker of First Place Realty in Calgary, a total of 74 MLS properties sold for $1 million or more during the month of March, the highest March level ever recorded and the second highest overall, surpassed only by May 2012’s 80 sales.

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Momentum continues in Calgary luxury home market

CALGARY — Calgary’s housing market experienced a record year for luxury home sales in 2012 and the pace of transactions in January 2013 suggests the market is not slowing down.

According to the Calgary Real Estate Board, there were 34 MLS sales in Calgary of properties over $1 million in January — just shy of the January record of 36 luxury sales in 2007.

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Calgary luxury home market sales growth best in Canada

CALGARY — Calgary led the country in 2012 in sales growth for the luxury home market, according to firm Sotheby’s International Realty Canada.

Ross McCredie, president and chief executive of the real estate company, said Calgary is the “best performing market in Canada right now in terms of growth.”

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Calgary luxury home market sets record year

CALGARY — Calgary’s luxury home market has been on fire this year and that flame is expected to continue burning into 2013.

Sales of properties valued at more than $1 million set a record in 2012 and the increase in sales in this market from last year is taking place at a higher pace than overall residential MLS sales in the city.

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