Expect Much Higher Oil Prices As The Cycle Comes To An End

In my last article for OilPrice.com (May 16, 2016), I laid out my reasoning for a prediction that the Global Oil Markets would soon be back in balance. Picking an exact date when an oil cycle will end is difficult, but they do call them “cycles” for a reason. This cycle is no different than all of the others that came before it. Oil producers and consumers respond to price changes, which brings supply & demand back into balance, just like they always do.

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The next bull cycle for oil won’t start until late 2016, warns analyst

Josef Schachter says the next bull cycle for oil will begin in the late of 2016 as the global supply glut pushes against storage capacity, forcing companies to reduce their output. However, the president and chief investment officer of Schachter Asset Management says investors will have to ride out another crash in oil prices at the end of the summer driving season before the market rebounds.

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The daily newspapers are now full of stories predicting that Iraq, as we know it, will soon disintegrate into three or more warring states. In the last two weeks Sunni insurgents led by the extremist ISIS have routed a good part of the Iraqi army, taken over much of northern Iraq not controlled by the Kurds and now are moving close to Baghdad.

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