Alberta companies most likely to offer telecommuting: BMO poll

CALGARY — Alberta companies are the most likely in Canada to offer telecommuting, according to a new poll released Friday by BMO Bank of Montreal.

But the poll also found there is a significant difference of opinion among Canadian businesses on whether telecommuting supports employee morale and productivity.

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Redford government on wrong path: poll

EDMONTON – Nearly two-thirds of Albertans think the Redford government has steered the province off course in the past year, according to a poll by Leger Marketing.

More than 50 per cent of Albertans surveyed in early April said they felt dissatisfied with the Progressive Conservative government’s performance on the economy, education and health care, as well as its overall trustworthiness and accountability.

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Edmonton’s Rexall Place ranked among busiest arenas in the world

London, Paris and New York. When you think of entertainment locales, these can be some of the expected cities to go to.

But a recently compiled list of the world’s top arena venues has put Edmonton not far behind those three big cities.

The rankings were released by Pollstar, a website covering live music around the world, and include the top ticket sales for arenas around the world in 2012. Edmonton’s Rexall Centre came in at 26th with a total of 375,192 tickets sold.

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Annual poll finds more Canadians confident about their finances than year ago

TORONTO – It appears Canadians will be entering 2013 in a more positive mood about their finances than they were a year ago, according to a poll released Thursday.

The Harris Decima telephone poll conducted for CIBC found that 70 per cent of those surveyed were feeling positive about their financial situation.

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Americans prefer to pump Canadian, says poll

CALGARY — Most Americans would rather fill up with gasoline derived from Canadian oil than crude from Saudi Arabia, Mexico or Venezuela, says a poll commissioned by the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers.

The results released Thursday also show that 37 per cent of U.S. residents polled have never heard or read about the controversial proposed Keystone XL pipeline, down from 46 per cent in a similar survey in 2011.


Canadians optimistic about the economy

Here’s an intriguing poll out by Scotiabank.

It says Canadians’ overall economic outlook is now more optimistic.

But it also shows that people are still hesitant when it comes to their personal investment strategies. This might have something to do with the continued volatility in financial markets and continued concerns about economies in the United States and particularly in Europe.

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