The Inevitable Global Population Collapse

Humans live in equilibrium with other species in a finite world. In such a world, there is never really a Steady State. Instead, there is a constant ebb and flow.  One species may be dominant in an area for a while, and then another. If populations are closely matched in “ability,” then the ups and downs aren’t too severe. If a predator depends on a particular type of prey for its dinner, it can’t eat all of the prey, or it will go hungry.

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Calgary second only to Paris in world ‘Scorecard on Prosperity’

CALGARY —  Calgary is second only to Paris after posting its best ranking ever in a Scorecard on Prosperity report by the Toronto Region Board of Trade.

The report said “good, but not spectacular, results on both the Economy and Labour Attactiveness combine to lift Calgary past London.”

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Calgary improves ranking as a global financial centre

CALGARY — Calgary continues to draw attention globally as a financial centre.

The city has moved up 11 spots to 17th overall in the London-based Z/Yen Group’s Global Financial Centre Index (GFCI) — the only well-established index measuring global financial centres. The index ranks 77 of the world’s major financial centres in terms of competitiveness.

The index has been in existence since 2007.

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Canadian REITs go global

The emergence of opportunities for Canadian retail investors to acquire an interest in real estate assets continues, seemingly unabated.

Initially those opportunities were largely confined to assets based north of the 49th parallel, a case of domestic assets being packaged up for domestic investors.

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Home truths

THE house-price boom that preceded the financial crisis was remarkable for its scope and scale. With a very few exceptions, there seemed only one way for prices to go: up. Things have been more diverse since, and our latest review of house prices is a picture with dramatic chiaroscuro. A brightening outlook for America stands out against the darkening tones of the beleaguered economies on the periphery of the euro area.

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2013 Forecasts From Around the World

Central Bankers

“We face a broader challenge—to defend the market economy amongst so many who suffered during the financial crisis. This was expressed memorably by William McChesney Martin when he spoke to the Economic Club of New York in 1957. He said, ‘Men begin to question whether the merriment was worth the misery, especially when the misery was worse among the millions who had never got in on the merrymaking in the first place.’ ” —Mervyn King, governor, Bank of England

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Calgary ranks 32nd in the world on Mercer list of most-livable cities

At least we beat Edmonton — it didn’t even make the cut.

Calgary ranks 32 out of 221 when it comes to quality of living, says an annual survey, but no thanks to our harsh winters.

Results of the Mercer 2012 Quality of Living Survey released Tuesday show Calgary jumped up a spot from last year in the worldwide list.


“Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it and I shall move the world.” Archimedes

November 13, 2012

This will be my final written post before I send a worldwide press release regarding the greatest real estate boom of all time. It will be the classic case of an irrepressible force (the internet) meeting an immovable object (planet earth). I do not know what lies ahead except that if you want something you have never had, you must do something you have never done. I wish to personally thank a number of individuals and my family for their support in making this project possible. There is also someone whom I have never met and wish to express my gratitude for showing me how to defy and challenge the impossible. To Roberto Baggio whose superstar performance at USA 94 inspired me to believe that one day, I would also give everything I have and take on the entire world. Forza Baggio, Forza Azzurri, Forza Italia!!