Looking to buy? Best cities for first-time home buyers

In the rush to get in on the bargains of the housing crash, first-time home buyers were largely left out. Investors swarmed the most distressed markets, spreading their cash like fertilizer and pushing home prices up far faster than most expected. In less distressed markets, first-time buyers were still hampered, as the pendulum swung hard from loose lending to too-tight credit.

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Home Inspection tips

A critical part of any real estate purchase is the home inspection. Some people choose to forego this expense in a booming market but I would strongly recommend against it. This simple due diligence step can save you tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars in unforeseen costs. With that in mind, here are some tips which can save you both time and money.

1) Ensure that you have a home inspector is lined up before you go about purchasing your next property. Be proactive and not reactive in this step.

2) If possible, ensure that there is no business relationship between your realtor and your home inspector. Some realtors like to work with home inspectors who are more relaxed in their inspections and it results in buyers proceeding with a purchase that would otherwise not be recommended by others.

3) When purchasing prebuilt real estate, a key component in your offer to purchase must be a line stating “subject to buyers satisfactory building inspection within 15 days acceptance”.

4) When conducting a home inspection, please ensure that you are there for the entire process. Before you make any large purchase such as an investment property, it is definitely worth your time to see every small detail you may have missed and that a licensed professional will find.

5) Investigate to see if a home inspector is currently licensed and has a professional designation. Any honest and reputable inspector will gladly comply with this simple request.

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