The Passive Investing Film Wall Street Doesn’t Want You To See

I came across this 53 minute documentary on why active investing doesn’t work for most people quite by accident.

A few minutes in I realized they had Yale’s Charles Ellis, Vanguard’s Jack Bogle, Rick Ferri and the whole galaxy of anti-active management priests.

It’s a good watch, find some time for this:

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Mutual funds still popular with Canadians, but why?

Over the next few weeks investors will be focused on how best to make their retirement savings grow. The solution for many will once again revolve around plowing their annual contribution into high-cost, underachieving mutual funds, which have been the go-to investment vehicle for Canadians for years.

It’s a tough cycle to break, but one that investors should consider in favour of many other more attractive opportunities if they want to make the most of their investments.

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Why mutual funds hurt your returns

During the more than 10 years I spent on Bay Street as a technology analyst, I had a front-row seat on how the investing industry manages money.

I departed the Street knowing that I would never run my own portfolio the way that the investing industry handles clients’ money. The design of the industry exerts a constant drag on the returns you can expect.

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