A Premier without a seat? If Jim Prentice wins, what’s next?

If Jim Prentice, the putative front-runner, does win the Progressive Conservative leadership next month, will he automatically become premier? Or does he have to wait until he wins a seat and can lead his party in the Legislative Assembly?

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How an Iran-US Deal Would Change the Strategic Landscape

A rapprochement between the US and Iran — now possible because of the domestic political needs of both governments — would change the global strategic landscape. A strategic rapprochement between the two once-allied states, estranged since 1979, would cut a swathe through the geo-strategic reach of Russia and the People’s Republic of China (PRC) into the Persian Gulf/Middle East, and revive the prospect of a return of the US to influence in Central Asia.

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Oil and Politics: Who will Take over from the US in the Middle East?

There is little doubt that politics as we knew it in the Middle East is changing right before our very eyes and with that shift in politics will unavoidably come a change in the policies of oil, as the two go hand in hand in the region where the Arab countries have learned since the October 1973 Arab-Israeli War that oil can be a very powerful weapon.

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