Gold has long been a sought after commodity. Human history, such as the conquest of the Americas, has been defined by the quest to find gold mines and reserves. Now, however, the world’s gold mines may be becoming fully tapped. Some experts even believe that all gold mines could become fully tapped within the next 20 years. This could have a dramatic impact on gold and bullion prices as while supply may run out, demand most likely will not.

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Demand Exceeds Supply In 90% Of America’s Major Housing Markets

Price appreciation is largely driven by the degree to which demand exceeds supply. While the best short-term measure of the housing demand/supply balance is months of supply of homes on the market, the best long-term measure is the ratio of household formations to new home construction. Since household formation data is highly unreliable, we use job growth as the best proxy because there are typically 1.2 jobs per household.

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Homes selling faster as buyers outpace supply

Homes sold faster last month than in any February since 2007 as eager buyers met a tight supply of homes for sale, industry figures show.

Homes were on the market for a median of 98 days last month, down from 123 days in February 2011, according to That means half the homes listed for sale in February were on the market for less than 98 days and half for more than that.

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Why the High Oil Prices if Supplies Really are Abundant?

It is a slick piece of public relations to convince people to disregard what is right in front of them and believe the opposite. And yet, that is what the oil industry has achieved with an oh-so obviously coordinated campaign to tell the public and policymakers that there is no need to be concerned about future oil supplies.

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No Security of Supply

As a general rule, the most successful man in life is the man who has the best information

The truth, in regards to the world’s mineral resources, is that we in the western developed countries are not in control of supply. The map below was posted on While interesting it does not reveal the enormity facing the western world in regards to Security of Supply for many of our key minerals.

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