Gold and Silver bugs have had an abysmally poor 2012 against expectations for new all time highs, where a 1 year bear market from the August 2011 high into the May 2012 low failed to spark a sustained run to new all time highs. The rally from which petered out by early October at $1800, followed by another trend back to leave Gold at $1657 as per the last close, this despite reams and reams of material plastered all over the internet that hoped for an eventual return to a gold standard or “Sound Money” as being the ultimate outcome of our ongoing global debt and money printing crisis.

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Big ticket projects dominate “aggressive” capital plan

Devon’s 2013 capital budget was reviewed as part of the budget deliberations over the Nov. 23-24 weekend. Described as an “aggressive” budget, 2013 capital expenditures are scheduled to top out at $5,330,481, to be funded by a combination of cost-sharing, grants, town reserves and $1,093,500 in borrowing.

The capital budget was split into two distinct categories: new infrastructure, which looked at the development and expansion of several facilities and potential facilities, and repairs, maintenance and replacement.

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Tax rate to increase 2.4 per cent; utility fees going up

Sylvan Lake councillors proposed a 2.4 per cent property tax rate increase for the 2013 budget, following more than 12 hours of discussion spread over Oct. 30 and 31, and Nov. 3.

Many owners will see a 1.3 per cent increase in their taxes because property values have declined since 2012, said Darren Moore, Sylvan Lake’s director of finance.

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